Jan 4, 2015

RTCW 1.0 Pack

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+------- Wolfpack -------+
This is a non-install version of RtCW 1.0 With everything you need to play this game.

+----------- Install -----------+
Extract the file somewhere you want to store it. Start gaming!
(Edit some settings if needed)

+------- Features -------+
-Timer -Dropweapon script -FovChanger script -Sensitivity changer installed in the FovChanger script -Class binds -Spawnpoint binds -Red crosshair -Less blood fix -Hitsounds -wolftv -altered binary included

-extra maps: +ice +basement +badplace +ctfmultidemo +escape2
Note: For those who can't run games in 1920x1080 have to change it in the video.cfg otherwise RtCW won't start.

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