Oct 18, 2017

RETRO-j2h.x86 (dump),

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d0wnload teh latest server-backUP-Files,
(NO-RESTRICTIONS) // #420.nrtj_etpro !!! !!!
all-IN-ONE package, currently in usE.. .
( RETRO-j2h.x86 - 2017 //// )

-added votable .configs (5Lives, default, sv_pure 0)
-unlocked cg_thirdperson and various other protected cvars
-random 50_next_maps in rotation (./callvote NextMap)

!minfo - will paste smth like current map/.pk3-info (author, size..etc)
!listmaps - will paste a detailed map-list to console
!findmap - you can search for a specific map (eg. RTCW,..etc)

also you can save/Load positions as per viewAngle like "etjump"
type /loadangles or /lva in console to enable this feature..
/////////// ----------------------------------------
Make sure to connect;cl_allowdownload 1